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2021 California Land Use Law & Policy Conference

California Land Use Law, Policy and Planning 2021: 

“The Housing Crisis, CEQA, Environmental Justice and Tribal Consultations”


WHEN: Thursday, November 18, 2021
WHERE: Live Online!


As 2021 comes to an end, California land use law and policy continues to evolve at an amazing pace, even in the face of challenges wrought by COVID-19 and the fits and starts of the global economy. Both these factors continue to play a part in the shifting paradigms and policies established by the California Legislature and implemented—sometimes reluctantly—by local jurisdictions. But even before COVID -19 and the economic trials and tribulations that accompany the pandemic, housing supply constraints and a rising tide of not-in-my-backyard project opposition have fueled the state’s efforts to come up with creative ways to streamline, if not encourage, housing development and other projects vital to California.

These efforts are most noticeable in the sheer volume of state legislation aimed at addressing housing supply shortages and affordability. To take one recent example, Senate Bill 9 is in many ways nothing less than a paradigm shift in land use controls for residential properties. Other well-known land use tools are similarly evolving to address these needs, including the California Environmental Quality Act, and the state’s Housing Accountability and Crisis Acts, Surplus Land Act, and Density Bonus Law.

In our 2021 California Land Use Law, Policy & Planning conference, we have identified those evolving land use law and policy shifts and tools that are most important for your practice, including recent changes to the Density Bonus Law, permit streamlining for affordable housing under Senate Bill 35, the significance of Senate Bill 9, navigating the Housing Crisis Act and Senate Bill 330, and the increasing importance of environmental justice and tribal consultation in land use planning efforts.  

Our conference co-chairs—Scott Birkey, Esq. of Cox, Castle & Nicholson and Lauren Langer, Esq. of Best, Best & Krieger—have assembled experts in these fields to present on these critical and evolving topics, and to give you access to their thoughts on where these recent land use trends have come from, how they are to be implemented, and where they are headed. This is a must-attend conference for any land use law or planning practitioner wanting to better understand these recent changes.

We invite you to join us online, and interact with the faculty during question and answer sessions after each presentation. Be ready, be prepared, be successful in your practice. If you attend only one California MCLE or Planner AICP accredited land use conference this year, make it this one!

Be sure to register today for this special conference and find out what impact these critical topics will have on each other—and how the potential outcomes will impact your practice, municipality or organization in the future.


Register for the only land use law conference in 2021 that’s produced by the publishers of California Land Use Law & Policy Reporter, a California-based conference provider that has offered publications and conference programs specifically for the California Land Use Bar since 1989. This year, as always, the expert publishers, editors, and advisors of California Land Use Law & Policy Reporter have been instrumental in planning this conference for you.

These seasoned, boots-on-the-ground legal professionals are uniquely qualified to let you know not only what’s happened but, more importantly, what’s coming down the pike in the future. And because California’s land use issues are often contentious, we don’t skimp on perspective. You’ll get several different (and sometimes conflicting) views from the top practitioners and key institutional players in the field to deepen your understanding of the issues.

MCLE and AICP Credit:

MCLE accreditation has been requested for this program by the State Bar of California for 7.5 hours. For planners, this program will correspond to AICP CM credits of 7.5 hours, including law credits TBA.

Download the conference brochure with full program and other registration options.


Conference tuition of $695 includes participation in all sessions, all program materials prepared by the Faculty, and a free three-month subscription to the California Land Use Law & Policy Reporter. Discounts apply for government agency personnel, or when you register two or more participants from the same organization. See our online registration form for details.

Early registration is encouraged. The easiest way to register for the conference is to use the online registration form from the  “Conference Registration” button below. You can also (1) Mail the completed registration form located on the brochure to: Argent Communications Group, PO Box 1135, Batavia, IL 60510-1135; (2) Email the registration form to; or (3) Call 800-419-2741. Full payment or purchase order is due with registration.

We look forward to seeing you—virtually!

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