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Category "Climate Change Law & Policy"

U.S. District Court Refuses to Force Department of the Interior to Complete Six-Year NEPA Review of Regulation Exempting Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI or Interior) regulations provide a categorical exclusion from [...]

Exxon Shareholders Demand Disclosure of Climate Change Impacts on Investments

ExxonMobil (Exxon), the world’s largest oil company, conducted an historic shareholders’ vote at the company’s [...]

Is the State’s Cap-and-Trade Program a ‘Tax’?—Not According to the California Court of Appeal

Perhaps the longest lingering litigation threat to the California Legislature’s adoption of and the California [...]

Ninth Circuit Denies Petition For Review of Clean Air Act Federal Implementation Plan For the Navajo Nation

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a petition for review brought by plaintiffs tribal [...]