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Category "Environmental Liability"

Gold King Mine Spill—Impacting Colorado and New Mexico—Fifth Federal Lawsuit Filed Against EPA by Hundreds of Navajo Farmers and Ranchers

On August 3, 2018, almost 300 Navajo farmers and ranchers filed a complaint for Personal [...]

Cross-Border U.S.-Mexico Sewage Pollution Claim Makes Its Way to Federal Court

Cross-border pollution, which has plagued the region in and around the Tijuana River watershed in [...]

Washington Supreme Court Exempts State Department of Natural Resources from Liability Under State Cleanup Law

On May 24, 2018, the State of Washington’s Supreme Court issued a decision narrowing the [...]

Ninth Circuit Holds that Extinction-Level Threat to Listed Species Is Not Required Before an Injunction Can Issue under the Endangered Species Act

Plaintiffs are environmental conservation groups that filed its action against the Federal Defendants Biological Opinion [...]