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2021 California Water Law & Policy MCLE Conference


“California Water Rights, Policy, Regulation, and the Future under the New Administration”

WHEN: April 19 & 21, 2021

WHERE: Live Online!



California’s water law and policy remain moving targets covering ever-changing issues. This year, many topics—long-standing and new—have garnered our attention. Drought has returned to California. January rain seemed promising but since then Mother Nature’s bounty has largely subsided. This brings up several issues: Concerns about water rights, water-rights reporting; and planning for future water supply via more and better water storage. And since California’s precipitation arrives in spurts, flood control planning and the anticipated effects of climate change remain top of mind.

The jurisdictional reach of the federal Clean Water Act, while narrowed under the last administration may now be re-defined by President Biden’s team. And as the reach of the federal CWA is being debated, the State Water Resources Control Board continues its efforts at expanding its regulatory authority over waters of the state, via its wetlands and natural resources policies. Within the State Water Resources Control Board, the Administrative Hearings Office is now becoming an important venue for the resolution of water rights disputes, and you’ll hear how.

We’re also covering other timely issues of growing concern. Compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in both planning and implementation remains high on the list for many water law practitioners. CEQA is ever-changing and water law practitioners need to stay abreast of case law interpretation of the act. Tribal water rights remain a growing area of on-the-ground water rights controversies and also now implicate water supply issues on non-tribal lands. The Water Quality Control Plan Update for the Delta has also experienced movement in the past year and voluntary agreements may speed up progress even more. Finally, the regulation of PFAS and other constituents in drinking water sources is becoming a hot-button issue for water agencies.

Our conference is designed to hone in on the issues that will most impact your water-related practice and the governance of water in the state. As an attendee, you will gain practical knowledge on the legal, policy, and technical sides of the issues from our outstanding faculty from state regulatory agencies, the academic community, water supply agencies, consultants, and top water attorneys from throughout the state. 

Our outstanding faculty consists of representatives of state regulatory agencies, the academic community, and top water attorneys from throughout the state—including two Keynote Presentations. On day one, Alf Brandt, General Counsel to the Assembly Speaker, California Assembly, will discuss “Building Water Law’s Profile in the California Legislature.” Then on day two, long-time water lawyer, Robert B. Maddow, Esq., Bold, Polisner, Maddow, Nelson & Judson, will address “Reflections on  Life in Water,” a new talk we will be carrying forward every year.

This year more than ever, your participation will be crucial to your effectiveness as an attorney, water district staff or board member, federal or state government practitioner, consulting engineer, city or county counsel or planner, environmental organization representative, developer or agricultural business owner. This is a must attend event!

Be sure to register today for this special conference, and find out what impact these critical topics will have on each other—and how the potential outcomes may change the future of California water.


Register today for the only water law conference in 2021 that’s produced by the publishers of California Water Law & Policy Reporter, offering publications and water law conference programs specifically for the California Water Bar since 1989. This year, as always, the expert publishers, editors, and advisors of California Water Law & Policy Reporter have been instrumental in planning this conference for you.

These seasoned, in-the-trenches legal professionals are uniquely qualified to let you know not only what’s happened but, more important, what’s coming down the pike in the future. And because California’s water issues are often contentious, we don’t skimp on perspective. You’ll get several different (and sometimes conflicting) views from the top practitioners and key institutional players in the field to deepen your understanding of the issues.

We invite you to compare our exceptional program topics and speakers to any other water law conference out there. If you attend only one MCLE water law conference this year, make it the only one produced by the expert publishers and editors of California Water Law & Policy Reporter, and co-sponsored by many of the state’s top law firms.

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Conference tuition of $895 includes attendance, complete formatted program materials, virtual conference instructions, and a three-month subscription to the California Water Law & Policy Reporter (a $245 value). As an added value bonus, you will also receive recordings of the live sessions. Discounts apply for government agency and non-profit personnel, or when you register two or more attendees from the same organization. See our online registration form for details.

We look forward to seeing you Live Online, April 19 & 21!