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Q: I didn’t get a print issue that I paid for. What do I do?
A: Just call us at (800) 419 2741, e-mail us at, or mail us your claim. We will gladly send you another copy. Our issues are printed on a monthly schedule; you should receive your copies during the first week of the month.

Q: Why did I get an invoice (or renewal notice) when I have already paid for my subscription?
A: It’s most likely that your payment and our notice just crossed in the mail; check the date of the notice to see when we mailed it. If you get another bill or renewal notice, let us know and we’ll straighten out the problem. Your annual subscription will be billed on an automatic renewal basis.

Q: If I move, how can I make sure my subscription will come to my new address?
A: Send us your old address (the mailing label is best) and your new address. Please give us at least two weeks notice.

Q: Can I pay for my Reporter subscription renewal online?
A: Not at this point. You may subscribe to any of the Reporters, or purchase books or a Directory listing using our E-commerce system. Renewals may be paid for by check or credit card, by phone or fax. Click here to access our Print and Fax Form.


Q: Why can’t I print the PDF file of the archived article I just downloaded?
A: Each month, paid subscribers to a particular Reporter are given the opportunity to view and print a PDF version of the Reporter as it goes to print, several weeks prior to shipment of the hard copy issue.

The material in the archives is handled somewhat differently. Reprinting material from the website database of archives, without permission, violates copyright law. If you would like to make copies of material from the website database, you need our written permission. Requests for reprint rights of any sort shall be directed by e-mail to For more information about our copyright policy, please see Terms and Conditions. If you would like to make archived material accessible to more than one person within your firm, Site Licenses are available. Please e-mail or phone us to discuss.


Q: Do you accept articles from authors outside of your Editorial and Advisory Boards?
A: Argent Communications Group occasionally accepts guest Feature Articles from experts outside of our network of Contributing Editors.

Our publications are written by a network of professionals; not by just one firm or association, with that firm’s or association’s slant or bias; not by staff reporters who merely restate press releases and may miss the significance of a particular action. We consider our paid subscribers a valuable part of that network of experts. Please feel free to put us on your firm’s or organization’s mailing list, and call or e-mail us directly with ideas for guest Feature Articles.

Feature Articles typically cover timely, provocative or cutting-edge issues. Feature Articles will be attributed, with a biographical note about the author at the end of the article. Feature Articles need not be written objectively, and will be clearly identified as expressing the views of that particular author.

We recommend that you query us, with your article idea prior to working up the entire piece. Please note that Feature Articles are scheduled many months in advance.

Q: What if I have other questions or comments?
A: Write, e-mail, or call us. Expect a human response to your question within a few days.

We manage our subscriptions and billing in-house so that we can provide you with better, more personal service. If you have any special billing requirements or questions, please call us directly at (800) 419 2741.


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