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California Land Use Law & Policy Reporter

December 2014

Volume 24, Number 3 December 2014


California Legislature Passes New Laws Amending State’s Urban Water Management Planning Act67

California Voters Approve $7.5 Billion Water Bond68


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Final Restoration Plan for Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuges70


Circuit Court of Appeals:

Ninth Circuit Upholds Ban on Hovercraft Use on State-Owned Waters Subject to Federal Lands Conservation Act72

Sturgeon v. Masica, ___ F.3d ___, Case No. 13-36165 (9th Cir. Oct. 6, 2014).

District Court:

District Court Strikes Down San Francisco’s ‘Relocation Assistance Payment Ordinance’ that Addressed the Calculation of Tenant Relocation Fees74

Levin v. City and County of San Francisco, ___F.Supp.3d___, Case No. 3:14-cv-03352-CRB (N.D. Cal. Oct. 21, 2014).


Supreme Court:

California Supreme Court Denies Review of Decision Upholding Treasure Island Development Plan76

Citizens for a Sustainable Treasure Island v. City and County of San Francisco, Cal. Sup. Ct. Case No. S212526 (Oct. 22, 2014).

District Court of Appeal:

Sixth District Court Finds Use of Estoppel to Require Coastal Landowner to Dedicate Public Coastal Easement as Condition of Development Permit Inequit-


Bowman v. California Coastal Commission, ___Cal.App.4th___ Case No. B243015 (6th Dist. Oct. 24, 2014).

Fourth District Court Addresses Definition of a ‘Project” under the California Environmental Quality


Paulek v. California Department of Water Resources, ___Cal.App.4th___, Case No E060038 (4th Dist. Oct. 21, 2014).

Third District Court Finds Trial Court Must Consider Whether Federal Mining Law Preempts California’s Moratorium on Suction Dredge Mining81

People v. Rinehart, 230 Cal.App.4th 419 (3rd Dist. 2014).

Fourth District Court Finds County of San Diego Failed to Enforce General Plan Mitigation Measure to Prepare Climate Action Plan82

Sierra Club v. County of San Diego, ___Cal.App.4th___, Case No. D064243 (4th Dist. Oct. 29, 2014).


California 2014 Legislative Year-End Update84