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California Land Use Law & Policy Reporter

August/September 2018

Volume 27, Number 11 August/September 2018




California Becomes First State to Require Solar Power for New Homes Beginning in the Year 2020322

California Water Commission Awards $2.5 Billion for New Water Storage Projects323


Second District Court Finds Granting Well Permit Is a Ministerial Act, Exempt from CEQA325

California Water Impact Network v. County of San Luis Obispo, ___Cal.App.5th___, Case No. B283846 (2nd Dist. June 28, 2018).

Second District Court Affirms Trial Court Decision that Geologic Hazard Abatement District Activities Are Exempt from CEQA326

County of Ventura et al. v. City of Moorpark, ___Cal.App.5th___, Case No. B282466 (2nd Dist. June 12, 2018).

Second District Court finds an Agency Can Recover Record Preparation Costs under CEQA when a Petitioner Does Not Produce a Record328

Landwatch San Luis Obispo County v. Cambria Community Services District, ___Cal.App.5th___, Case No. B281823 (2nd Dist. July 27, 2018).

The Need for Environmental Impact Reports—First District Court Addresses CEQA Impacts on Aesthetics and Traffic in a Historical Dis-


Protect Niles et al. v. City of Fremont et al., ___Cal.App.5th___, Case No. A151645 (1st Dist. Aug. 9, 2018).

Fifth District Court Rejects Environmental Group’s Efforts to Drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and Restore Hetch Hetchy Valley332

Restore Hetch Hetchy v. City and County of San Francisco, Unpub., Case No. F074107 (5th Dist. Aug. 1, 2018).

The Importance of Environmental Impact Reports—Second District Court Addresses when a Mitigated Negative Declaration Is Insufficient334

Save Adelaida et al v. County of San Luis Obispo et al., Unpub., Case No. B279285 (2nd Dist. 2018).

Second District CourtAffirms that the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Lease Replacement Was Categorically Exempt from CEQA337

World Business Academy v. California State Lands Commission, 24 Cal.App.5th 476 (2nd Dist. 2018).