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Eastern Water Law & Policy Reporter

June 2012

Volume 7, Number 6 June 2012


The Evolution of CERCLA Liability: The First Circuit Addresses Arranger Liability—Finds the Sale of Scrap Hazardous Material Constituted the ‘Intent to Dispose’ by Suedy Torabi and Rebecca Couch, Bingham McCutchen, Los Angeles155


Federal Agencies Receive Public Comments on Modified Definition of Endangered Species160 

News From the West162


EPA Issues Draft Guidance on Underground Injection Control Permits for Hydraulic Fracturing Using Diesel Fuel164

The Numbers Are Coming—EPA Attempts to Force States to Adopt Numeric Criteria Water Quality Standards166


Recent Investigations, Settlements, Penalties and Sanctions168



Citizen Suits under the Clean Water Act Receive a Boost from the Fifth Circuit171

Louisiana Environmental Action Network v. City of Baton Rouge, ___F.3d___, Case No. 11-30549 (5th Cir. April 17, 2012).

District Court Rejects Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings in Clean Water Act Discharge Suit for Failure to Properly Allege Causal Nexus174

Appalachian Voices, Inc. v. Nally & Hamilton Enterprises, Inc., ___F.Supp.2d ___, Case No. 11-133-GFVT (E.D. Ky. 2012).

District Court Limits Affirmative Defenses in a CERCLA Contribution Claim175

ConocoPhillips Pipe Line Company v. Rogers Cartage Company, ___F.Supp.2d___, Case No. 3:11-cv-497-DRH-DGW (S.D. Ill. Apr. 12, 2012).

District Court Remands EPA’s New or Revised Water Quality Standard Determination for Failure to Apply Eleventh Circuit’s ‘Effects Test’177

Florida Clean Water Network, Inc. v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ___F.Supp.2d___, Case No. 4:09cv165/MCR/WCS (N.D. Fla. 2012).

District Court Finds Whether Plaintiffs Were Prevailing Parties or Not—An Award of Costs Would Not Be Justified in the Face of Improper Actions180

Litgo New Jersey, Inc. v. Martin, ___F.Supp.2d___, Case No. 06-2891 (AET) (D. N.J. Apr. 13, 2012).


Kentucky Supreme Court Allows Environmental Groups to Challenge Coal Settlement182

Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Hon. Philip Shepherd, Case No. 2011-SC-000482 (Ky Apr 26, 2012).