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Western Water Law & Policy Reporter

January 2018

Volume 22, Number 3 January 2018


Water Trading in Arizona: Free Market Solution or Water Grab? by Alexandra Arboleda, Esq., The Storey Lawyers, PLC, Phoenix, Arizona63


U.S. Secretary of the Interior Formally Executes Pechanga Water Rights Settlement Agreement68

How Department of the Interior’s Modification of Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada Implicates Water Rights69

Water Quality Improvement Grant Funding in Idaho Is in Significant Demand71


Lawsuit Filed to Compel the State Water Resources Control Board to Identify Waterways throughout California as Hydrologically Impaired under the Clean Water Act73

A Relinquishment ‘Exemption’ Requiring Beneficial Use: Municipal Water Right Definition Heads to Washington Court of Appeals74



Justice Kennedy’s Concurring Opinion in Rapanos Still Controls Questions of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction within the Ninth Circuit77

U.S. v. Robertson, 875 F.3d 1281 (9th Cir. 2017).

District Court Finds City’s Property Interest in Its Stormwater Management Systems Allow It to Pursue a Public Nuisance Claim79

City of San Diego v. Monsanto Company, ___F.Supp.3d___, Case No. 15cv578-WQH-AGS (S.D. Cal. Nov. 22, 2017).

District Court Finds CERCLA Arranger Liability Requires One to ‘Arrange for’ the Disposal of Contaminants with Another Party in Soil and Water Pollution Case82

Dixon Lumber Co., Inc. v. Austinville Limestone Co., Inc., ___F.Supp.3d___, Case No. 7:16-cv-00130 (W.D. Va. Oct. 31, 2017).

District Court Rejects Citizen Suit under the Clean Water Act, but Allows NPDES Challenge to Proceed under the Administrative Procedure Act84

Los Angeles Waterkeeper v. Pruitt, ___F.Supp.3d___, Case No. 2:17-cv-03454-SVW-KS (C.D. Cal. Nov. 2, 2017.)


Montana Supreme Court Affirms Water Court’s Apportionment of Disputed Irrigation Rights86

Quigley v. Beck, 2017 MT 278, 405 P.3d 627 (Mt. 2017).

Oregon Court of Appeals Affirms State Water Resources Commission’s Denial of Permit Applica-


Willamette Water Co. v. WaterWatch of Oregon, Inc., 288 Or.App. 778 (Or.App. 2017).

Utah Supreme Court Holds Section of Weber River Navigable, Opening the Area for Recreation and Fishing under Utah’s Public Waters Access Act90

Utah Stream Access Coalition v. Orange Street Development, 2017 UT 82 (Utah 2017).