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Incidental Take Permit Issued For California WaterFix

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued an incidental take permit for the construction and operation of California WaterFix in compliance with Section 2081(b) of the California Endangered Species Act. This permit authorizes the incidental take of state-listed species associated with future operation of the State Water Project (SWP) with the addition of
the California WaterFix, which includes construction of certain proposed water conveyance facilities within the Sacramento- San Joaquin River Delta, along with operation of the SWP subsequent to and incorporating the newly constructed facilities for California WaterFix and future SWP operations. Issuance of this permit represents another signi cant milestone in the WaterFix planning process.

As described in the permit application, WaterFix will implement measures for construction and operation of the project to fully mitigate the impacts of any incidental take of state-listed species, and will provide additional protection through real-time operation of the facilities in a manner that avoids and minimizes incidental take.