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Category "California Land Use Law & Policy"

Ninth Circuit Upholds Department of the Interior/BIA’s Decision to Take Land Into Trust For a Tribe’s Casino Project

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ (BIA) decision to [...]

California Court of Appeal Finds San Francisco Housing Discrimination Ordinance Not Preempted By Fair Employment and Housing Act

The question this case posed for the First District Court of Appeal was whether the [...]

Ninth Circuit Holds that Extinction-Level Threat to Listed Species Is Not Required Before an Injunction Can Issue under the Endangered Species Act

Plaintiffs are environmental conservation groups that filed its action against the Federal Defendants Biological Opinion [...]

Second District Court Finds Infill Development Project’s Parking Impacts Were Exempt From Environmental Review

The Second District Court of Appeal affirmed a decision of the trial court upholding the [...]