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California Releases Action Plan with a Goal of 1.5 Million Zero-Emission Vehicles

On October 12, 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown’s Interagency Working Group on Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) released the 2016 ZEV Action Plan (Action Plan). The Action Plan is an “updated roadmap toward 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on California roadways by 2025 and another aspect of the state’s long-term efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The 2016 Action Plan has six broad goals: 1) Achieve mainstream consumer awareness of ZEV options and benefits; 2) Make ZEVs an affordable and attractive option for drivers; 3) Ensure convenient charging and fueling infrastructure for greatly expanded use of ZEVs; 4) Maximize economic and job opportunities from ZEV technologies; 5) Bolster ZEV market growth outside of California; and 6) Lead by example integrating ZEVs in to state government.

The ZEV Action Plan affirms California as a leader of climate change policy, as transportation is a critical sector to tackle in order to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Much of the Action Plan may be attainable through executive policies. However, the proposal for reduction of taxes on ZEV likely requires legislative approval, making it more difficult to accomplish due to potential political battles. Further, California plans to implement future transportation and climate goals with a “broad, multi-modal approach” which will address transportation electrification beyond individual passenger vehicles. Passenger vehicles are merely the tip of the transportation iceberg, and more guidance or policy is sure to follow.

The 2016 ZEV Action Plan is available here:

(Shannon Morrissey)